I'm Atik Bheda.


Born in Navsari, I studied architecture in BVBCET in Hubballi, Karnataka, and worked as an Architect in Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

I have been experimenting with various genres of photography for more than 10 years and found my interest in Architectural photography. For me, Architectural photography is meditative, a prayer, a process to seek the absolute truth in the objects, materials and the built environment.

I believe in using my art and camera as a tool to capture the soul of the project, to make others feel what I see - not just the outer aesthetic but the inner essence as well. The intention is to allow the light and nature to do its job in all purity as I do mine, working in tandem to create a visual narrative.

My works have been published by multiple design magazines including Architectural Digest, ArchDaily, IA&B to name a few.

Other than architectural photography, I'm keen on capturing landscapes, streets & people.

Thanks for passing by!

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